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  • Tonight! Hunter & The Dirty Jacks are rockin', with The Strands opening... showtime 9pm. 10 h
  • Gypsy's, Tramps and Ethereal Blues at Harvelle's Santa Monica! #toledoshow #harvelles #saturday #sundayfunday Jul 17
  • Rolling Stones, A Toledo style tease, Harlow Gold Cabaret, and Sunday Jams all at Harvelle's Downtown #LBC Jul 17
  • Check this run down of Larry "Fuzzy" Night the band leader for Saturday nights smoken hot band Blowin' Smoke and... Jul 17
  • Harlow Gold Cabaret, Havana Style RockNBlues & Side Splitting Sunday of Comedy at Harvelle's Long Beach! #LBC Jul 09


  • Hunter and The Dirty Jacks

    Hunter and The Dirty Jacks View Artist

    Hunter and The Dirty Jacks comprise a virtual all-star cast of Los Angeles and Orange County-area musicians that have been playing locally and regionally for over ten years apiece. Fronted by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Hunter Ackerman, and anchored by Jon Siembieda and Carmelo Bonaventura on guitar, Aaron Barnes on bass, Brian Lara on drums, and Moana Avvenenti on backgroun...

  • Ultra Love

    Ultra Love View Artist

    A meticulous blend of hip-hop, rock, and baby makin' R&B serves as the anthem for this aspiring revolutionary from South Pittsburgh. UltraLove relies on soulful melody to accent his socio-politicial commentary, but not before he gets to serenade his female fans with sultry narratives of newfound lust. The 24 year-old singer/songwriter brandishes some lyrical weaponry with a style all his own. ...

  • Orlando Napier

    Orlando Napier View Artist

    Orlando Napier is a soul singer-songwriter and jazz/blues pianist from Los Angeles. His music ranges from soul-infused pop and rock & roll to country & western and even some hip hop. Napier cut his teeth as a performer playing venues in and around Santa Barbara, California, where he still retains a large and loyal fan base. He began his musical journey later than most at the age of 20 b...

  • Tasha Taylor

    Tasha Taylor View Artist

    Pedigree will tell. In rhythm and soul, it’s bred in the bone. Tasha Taylor, the youngest daughter of pioneering R&B artist, Johnnie Taylor is having a breakout year with the release of her first solo CD, TAYLORMADE. And the magic will continue, when Tasha makes her Broadway debut, creating the role of Margie Hendrix in “Unchain My Heart,” the new musical based on the...

  • The Toledo Show

    The Toledo Show View Artist

    As quoted by the Los Angeles Times, Toledo is "The coolest Cat working in Hollywood". Add to that, "Toledo has learned from the best and it shows in his performance," "The show is top notch and really must be experienced" and "'s apparent where he is: establishing himself as one of the hottest acts in modern music." Toledo. Soul singer, Jazz man, poet...

  • Jimmy Z and the Z Tribe

    Jimmy Z and the Z Tribe View Artist

    There’s a reason legendary blues Diva Etta James calls Jimmy Z her “Hootchie Cootchie Man” and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics calls him “the best harmonica player in the world.” Jimmy attracts attention. He caught the attention of Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, the Eurythmics, Jaguares – all of whom he recorded and toured with. He also caught the attention of Dr. Dre, Eric Burdon, Carol King, Barry Whit...